About Us

East Anglia Alpaca Mill is owned by us – Chris Dell & Emma Taylor – and we also own Alpacas of East Anglia, a breeding herd of some 66 animals at present, including our ‘special’ silver grey alpacas. Please see our Alpacas of East Anglia website for further details www.alpacasofeastanglia.co.uk

Having spent several years considering and researching alpacas we purchased our core herd and were then under the ‘alpaca spell’. However on researching the options for fibre there seemed to be few choices which would permit us to process our first few fleeces. We then made enquiries as to the methods used here in the UK to process fibre and discovered that other mills are using machinery designed for sheep’s wool or are very small scale. Other countries use specifically designed machinery and yet the UK mills are using adapted machinery or having to blend sheep’s wool with alpaca to get acceptable results. Are you aware that current  EU directive permits 30% of ‘another fibre’ to be blended with alpaca without having to be disclosed! We do not blend anything with your beautiful alpaca fibre.

East Anglia Alpaca Mill is using bespoke machinery designed specifically for alpaca fibre to enable more cost effective processing costs, a superior quality end product and significantly less waste (our lowest loss to date has been 2.73%) showing that ‘The proof is in the processing’

For larger quantities you may require processing, we realise that there is a significant financial commitment involved. To avoid disappointment and to show you what we can produce, send us a small batch of 3-5kgs and we will happily run this a sample batch for you (charged as per our price list) in your required finished package. From that sample batch we can work together to provide you with the most appropriate yarn for your fibre.