About Alpacas

Alpacas originate from Peru, Chile & Bolivia where their prized fleece has been harvested by the Incas for many years, and reserved exclusively for the royal household and aristocracy. Alpacas belong to the Camelid family which includes llama, vicuna & guanaco. Here in the UK alpacas are bred exclusively for their fleece although alpaca meat is sometimes available. Alpaca fleece is as strong a silk, softer than cashmere, lightweight, breathable, grease (lanolin) free and said to be hypoallergenic.

Alpacas are herd animals. Often kept with sheep, goats and chickens as fox guards and must not be kept alone. Alpacas are stoic creatures with an enchanting disposition. Each of our animals has a pet name and their own characters. Female alpacas (called hembras) produce one baby (cria = Spanish for creation) a year. Male alpacas are known as Machos with gelded males called wethers. Wethers are able to live happily alongside entire males or females and the entire males live together in relative harmony.

Alpacas are easy to maintain & require no extraordinary care. They require shelter from heat & foul weather, they rarely challenge fencing, vaccination and wormers as required, 6 weekly chiropody checks, annual shearing, fresh feed & water daily and in return will give you hours of pleasure as they graze the paddocks or pronk with glee!